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Goencar taxi user FAQ frequently Asked Questions

Goencar Taxi Passengers Faq

  • Yes, you can communicate with your driver through the in-app chat function or phone call for any route clarifications or questions.

Unfortunately, ride scheduling is not available at this time. However, you can book a ride on-demand through the app.

Yes, you will see your driver's profile picture, vehicle type, and current rating before confirming your booking.

Goencar Taxi charges a minimal platform fee of ₹ 10 + 5% GST per confirmed booking amount, deducted from your wallet or added to your cash payment. Passengers are responsible for paying the 5% GST.

You can rate your driver and leave feedback after completing your ride. Your feedback helps maintain a high standard of service for all passengers.

Open the Goencar Taxi app and enter your pick-up and drop-off locations. See available drivers and their bids for your ride. Choose your preferred driver and confirm the booking.

You can cancel your ride request through the app before a driver is assigned. Cancellation fees may apply depending on the time of cancellation after a driver is assigned.

You can contact Goencar Taxi support through the app's in-app chat, phone call, or email raise system.

Drivers undergo background checks before activating their accounts. You can track your ride in real-time through the app. We encourage both passengers and drivers to report any safety concerns immediately.

You will see the driver's bid upfront before confirming your booking. This allows you to choose a ride that fits your budget.

Driver availability can vary depending on location and time. We recommend trying again shortly or considering a slightly different pick-up time.

Please contact Goencar Taxi support through the app as soon as possible. We will do our best to help you retrieve your belongings.

The Goencar Taxi wallet is a convenient way to store funds for your rides. You can top it up through the app using various payment methods.

We expect passengers to be respectful and courteous towards drivers. Any violations of Goencar Taxi's Passenger Guidelines may result in account deactivation.

You can pay for your ride with cash, any UPI platform, or directly from your Goencar Taxi wallet (topped up through the app).

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    Goencar taxi driver FAQ frequently Asked Questions

    Goencar Taxi Drivers Faq

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      • Download the Goencar Taxi Driver app from the Play Store.
      • For registration we required your basic information (Mobile Number, Name, Email & your clear photo ).
      • For onboarding we required ( Driving license, Aadhar card & RC.
      • Once your background check is complete, you'll be notified and can start accepting rides!

      Currently, we accept a variety of vehicles depending on your location and regulations. The specific options will be displayed during registration.

      While there is no formal training program, we offer comprehensive onboarding materials and ongoing support within the app to help you get started.

      Your earnings depend on factors like ride time, distance traveled, and fares. We offer competitive rates with transparent pricing – what you see is what you earn.

      You'll receive your earnings electronically through your chosen payment method (bank transfer, e-wallet) after a short processing period. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of ₹2,000.

      • Goencar Taxi deducts a commission (admin fee & platform fee) from your wallet balance for each ride. This commission covers operational costs and maintaining the app.
      • It's important to note that customers are responsible for paying GST (Goods and Services Tax) and platform fees on their rides. You are responsible for collecting this amount from the passenger during the ride. The app will clearly display the breakdown of fare, GST, and platform fees for each ride.

      • The app provides real-time notifications of ride requests in your app. You can choose to accept or decline rides based on your availability.
      • When a ride request comes in, you will see the pick-up and drop-off locations, estimated distance and minimum fare, and passenger details. You can choose to bid your own amount for the ride.
      • Important: Your bid cannot be lower than the minimum allowed fare set by Goencar Taxi. Bids that are too low will be automatically rejected and may lead to account suspension for 3 days for repeated offenses.
      • Once you submit your bid, the passenger will be shown offers from multiple drivers in their area. They can choose the driver whose bid and profile best suits their needs.
      • If your bid is chosen, the app will guide you to the pick-up location and provide passenger details. The app also facilitates in-app communication with passengers for any clarifications or route adjustments.

      Our 24/7 in-app support is available for drivers to address any concerns or issues that may arise during a ride.

      You may receive a cancellation fee depending on the situation (e.g., passenger cancels shortly after booking).

      • All drivers undergo thorough background checks before being approved.
      • Passengers are also verified through their registered accounts.
      • The app includes features like in-app SOS buttons for passengers app in case of emergencies.

      Yes, you have the flexibility to choose which rides you accept based on your location, distance, or other preferences.

      You can easily switch your status to "offline" within the app to pause ride requests while you take a break.

      We are constantly working on improving the app and adding new features to enhance the driver experience. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

      You can access in-app support directly through the driver app or visit our website for contact information.

      Yes, if you believe your account was suspended incorrectly, you can contact Goencar Taxi support to explain the situation and request a review.

      Serious violations of our policies, such as unprofessional conduct or endangering passenger safety, may result in account suspension for a certain period or permanent deactivation.

      To accept rides, you need to maintain a minimum balance of ₹100 in your Goencar Taxi wallet. You can easily recharge your wallet within the app using various payment methods & the minimum recharge amount is ₹500.