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Become a Driver with Goencar Taxi
Drive Your Way to Success: Become a Goencar Taxi Driver

Empower yourself. Earn competitively. Join Goa's leading taxi service, Goencar Taxi!

Are you a professional and reliable driver looking for a flexible way to earn a fair income? Join Goencar Taxi, Goa's leading taxi service provider, and be your own boss while contributing to a transparent and efficient transportation network and contribute to Goa's vibrant tourism industry!

Why Choose Goencar Taxi?

Cash Payment System

Collect fares directly from passengers, eliminating the need for online payments or cash handling from your end.


Transparent Commission

We only charge a ₹100 commission per confirmed booking after you enter the OTP in your driver app.


Flexible Work Schedule

Choose your working hours and manage your availability to fit your lifestyle.


User-Friendly App

Receive ride requests, track your earnings, and access support easily through our intuitive driver app.


Local Support

Enjoy dedicated support from our team, ensuring a smooth and successful driving experience.


Be Part of the Future

Contribute to a growing company revolutionizing Goa's transportation landscape.

Who We're Looking For?
  • Valid Indian driving license and vehicle registration documents.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Excellent customer service skills and a professional demeanor.
  • Well-maintained car in good working condition.
  • Ability to work independently and manage your time effectively.
Unique Payment System

Goencar Taxi offers a cash collection system for riders' convenience. Drivers collect cash directly from passengers after completing each ride.

Here’s how our commission structure works:

  • We charge a ₹10 to 100 commission fee ( Daily Change by Auto System ) only after a booking is confirmed and the passenger enters the OTP (One-Time Password) in your driver app.
  • To receive booking requests, drivers need to maintain a minimum wallet balance of ₹100.
  • The minimum recharge amount for your driver wallet is ₹500. You can easily top up your wallet through various online payment methods available in the app.
Becoming a Goencar Taxi Driver is Easy

Download the Goencar Taxi Driver app from App Store or Google Play Store.


Complete the online registration process: Provide your details, upload required documents, and agree to our terms and conditions.


Undergo a background check Once approved, start accepting ride requests and earning!

Your earnings depend on several factors, including the number of rides you take, the distance traveled, and the fares you set. However, our transparent bidding system and competitive commission structure ensure you are fairly compensated for your work.

Yes, you will need a well-maintained car in good working condition to become a Goencar Taxi driver.

No. Goencar Taxi currently operates on a cash collection system, allowing you to receive fares directly from passengers.

You can withdraw your remaining wallet balance at any time through bank transfer or any UPI based number. For withdrawal you need to save bank account details or UPI number in driver app.

You will collect the fare directly from passengers at the end of each trip. We do not accept online payments from users.

We charge a flat commission of ₹100 per confirmed booking after you enter the OTP in the app.

You can recharge your wallet within the app using various online payment methods. The minimum recharge amount is ₹500, and you need a minimum balance of ₹100 to receive bookings.

Contact our support team through the app or email us at

Join Goencar Taxi today and experience the freedom, flexibility, and fair earnings you deserve!