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    The Goencar Taxi App For Tourist's Goan's Driver's

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    Who We Are?

    Book Goa Taxi with confidence

    Goencar Taxi | Goa Taxi App is a new mobile application that is revolutionizing the transport sector in Goa. We are an indigenous firm with the aim of offering credible, honest and easy to use taxi services for both the visitors and the residents.

    Book Comfortable Taxi Service in Goa

    Goencar Taxi | Goa Taxi App | Goa's Local Ride-Hailing App

    Goencar Taxi is an organization based in Goa and having its main aim of revolutionizing the taxi industry in Goa. The general goal of the company is to offer an honest, handy, and safe taxi service to the travelers and residents of Goa and at the same time promoting the Goan drivers and their economic success.

    What We Do?

    Choose Goencar Taxi for a stress-free travel

    The Goencar Taxi | Goa Taxi App is our creation that offers users a new approach with a bidding system. Passengers have a choice of setting their own budget and get offers from the list of registered drivers.

    • Transparent pricing: No more extra charges or any other unexpected costs.
    • Increased choice control: Select the driver and the fare that meets your preference from the profiles of the drivers, the ratings they have received.
    • Enhanced convenience: It allows the users to book, track and pay for the ride through a simple interface of the application.

    Why Choose Us?

    Goencar Taxi does not only provide the taxi service in Goa only but it has much more to offer. Here is why we are different.

    Active Services for City Ride

    Services For Intercity Comin Soon

    Comin Soon Bike rental Car Rental Activities Tour Package Sightseeing


    Bike Rental

    Rent a motorbike and go around Goa at your own pace and explore the less known areas of the state.

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    Car Rental

    Make use of the car rental services for longer periods and for traveling around Goa for longer distances.



    There are numerous activities and experiences that can be booked through the app, including water activities and cultural tours.

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    Tour Package

    Book for tour packages that have been specifically designed to help tourists enjoy the most thrilling activities and tour around Goa.

    Our Mission

    To allow users to have a clear and efficient way of booking an ethical taxi service in Goa and at the same time ensure that the local drivers are well paid while positively contributing to the economy and society of Goa.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the number one Goa taxi app by changing the face of transportation through efficient service delivery, focusing on the customer, incorporation of new technology and adherence to the right standards.

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    Goencar Taxi is a young and growing company, constantly working towards achieving its mission and vision:


    Looking Forward

    Goencar Taxi is a new company with a focus on corporation and constant development and changes. We are dedicated to:

    Download Goencar Taxi User App Now

    Get the Goencar Taxi user app now and see how it is to have a smooth ride!

    Get book taxis in Goa at the best rates with complete transparency! Goencar Taxi | Goa Taxi App has bidding prices, driver selection, and efficient booking system for the services. Download now and travel stress-free in Goa!

    Get paid to drive; The more people you drive, the more you earn. Be a proud Goencar Taxi Driver and start using the Goencar Taxi Driver App today!

    Become a member of fast growing community and earn a reasonable income based on the competitive rates that you have bid.

    • Flexible work schedule: Manage your hours and be your own boss.
    • Transparent bidding system: Get rewarded for your hard work and willingness to compete.
    • Build your reputation: Earn positive passenger feedback and secure future business.
    • Focus on safety: Enjoy a secure platform with background checks and support

    Download the app, register, and start driving!

    Goencar Taxi | Goa Taxi App

    Goa Taxi App
    Why Us?

    Explore Goa Like a Local with Goencar Taxi!

    Our drivers are your local Goan guides! Get insider tips on hidden gems, must-see sights, and delicious places to eat.


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